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Solahart Has Been Ranked Number One in Canstar Blue’s 2024 Review of Solar Installers in Australia

In selecting Solahart to install your new solar power system, you are choosing a trusted solar expert.
We’re proud to be ranked number one in Canstar Blue’s 2024 review of solar installers in Australia, retaining the prestigious title for a second consecutive year. Solahart earned five stars across multiple research categories this year, including overall satisfaction and customer service and advice.
Importantly, we also scored five stars in durability, performance and installation process.

Solahart Premium
Solar Power Systems

SunCell Solar Panels | GoodWe Inverters

Solahart Premium Plus Solar Power Systems

Silhouette Solar Panels | FIMER Inverters

Solahart Platinum Solar Power Systems

Silhouette Solar Panels | SolarEdge Inverters

solahart solar panels

Solahart Silhouette
Solar Panels

30 Year Australian Warranty

Solahart SunCell Solar Panels

25 Year Australian Warranty

Electric Vehicle Chargers Installed by Solahart Central Coast

Solahart Central Coast sells and installs EV chargers across Central Coast. Our range includes FIMER and GoodWe electric vehicle chargers. 

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Frequently asked questions about solar panels and solar power systems

Solar PV systems generate electricity from sunlight. The solar panels are made up of many photovoltaic (PV) cells which collect the light from the sun and convert this into DC current. This is fed through an inverter and converted to 240V AC to power your home. The amount of electricity you can produce depends on the number of panels and their efficiency, the size of the inverter, the orientation of your roof and the amount of sunlight in your location.

 This electricity can be used immediately within the home or fed into a battery or the National Electricity Grid (grid).

An inverter is an electronic device that converts the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power at the correct voltage for supply to the grid. It also provides equipment protection and safety features.

The National Electricity Grid is the network of wires that delivers electricity from generators to homes and businesses around Australia. When you install a solar power system you become a generator of clean renewable energy.

Depending on the size of the system and site constraints, it can take one of our teams half to a full day to install a system. Once our work onsite is complete, we send off your paperwork to your energy provider on your behalf to have your net-metering undertaken. This process is controlled solely by the energy provider.

Yes. Solahart Central Coast can supply you with a Battery Ready PV system which enables a Tesla Powerwall to be installed at a later date.

For residential installations, we currently offer a finance plan which makes the switch to solar easier with flexible payment plans. We also accept cash, cheque and credit card payments.

For more information on our finance options, click here.

Electricity generated by a solar power system is used to offset or replace the power that would normally be purchased from your electricity supplier — thereby reducing your power bills and saving money. This solar-generated energy also avoids the harmful pollution caused by generating electricity from the burning of fossil fuels.

The savings on offer are very attractive and will go on for years. The amount you save will depend on your household’s current electricity usage, the size of the solar system being installed, orientation and inclination of the solar panels and the feed-in tariff offered by your electricity supplier. We will assess these factors and give you an estimate of your savings as part of a free in-home solar assessment.

Yes, because the inverter will only produce power when it is connected to the grid supply.

Solar panel technology has improved significantly over the past few years. Many manufacturers that were selling panels of questionable quality are no longer in business.

Solahart only uses PV components of the highest quality — including the Solahart Silhouette panel which are covered by our 25-year Australian product warranty.

Payback periods may vary depending on the applicable feed-in tariff, householder electricity usage profile and size and cost of the PV system installed. 

We will assess these factors and give you an estimate of your payback period as part of a free in-home solar assessment.

A feed-in tariff is the rate paid by the electrical utility for each kilowatt-hour of electricity your solar power system feeds into the grid.

STCs are part of the government’s commitment to renewable energy. STCs are created when you install and commission qualifying solar hot water, solar/wind power systems or residential solar power systems.

Each STC represents 1 MWh (Megawatt hour) of energy produced. The number of STCs you are eligible for varies
depending on the size of the system you install and your location.

STCs have a market value (which may vary over time) and are tradable; they can be sold, or used to get a discount or cash. Solahart offers an up front discount on the price of a solar power system in return for the STCs.

With solar hot water, heat is captured directly from the sun through collectors installed on the roof and is transferred to the fluid circulating inside. Water is then stored in an insulated tank for future use.

Solar power (PV)  converts light from the sun into electricity. The amount generated depends on the number of panels and size of the inverter. Any excess power can be sold back into the grid or stored in a battery, while additional electricity can be bought from the grid when the sun is not shining

Extend Your Savings Into The Night With A Battery

Energy storage is a smart way to offset your electricity costs. With a battery, you can maximise your solar energy usage, minimise your reliance on the grid and further reduce your energy bills.

Solahart Central Coast can help you choose the configuration that best suits your needs. Batteries in our range include the Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge and GoodWe batteries.

A collection of the battery products that Solahart dealers offer.

Why People Choose Solahart

Solahart is ahead of the curve in solar energy. We have been providing solar power products to homeowners since the 1950s. Since then, we have installed over 1,000,000 systems in over 70 countries around the world.

Solahart in-home solar assessor with tablet.

Solar industry experts with nearly 70 years

Solar installer with silhouette solar panel.

Over 1.5 million systems & 500,000 solar panels installed worldwide

Couple getting a free in-home solar assessment from a Solahart dealer.

No deposit
finance with up to
60 months

Silhouette solar panels and warranty shield.

Peace of mind
with Solahart’s
industry-leading warranties

Your trusted solar installer

Solar power installation in Cooranbong by Solahart Central Coast
Wonderful service, couldn’t be happier


FROM Cooranbong

Consultant: Jamie Groves
May 2024
Solar power installation in Kincumber by Solahart Central Coast
Solahart provided us with a prompt, professional service. We were made to feel like valued customers. Information was offered in a simple, easy to understand manner that was easy to follow, all of our questions were answered. The instillation was promptly organised and installed on time. All processes, mobile use tracking apps and warranties were explained. Complements given to all staff who worked well as a team.


FROM Kincumber

Consultant: Jamie Groves
May 2024
Solar power installation in Swansea by Solahart Central Coast
Totally satisfied with everything from the start to the finish.


FROM Swansea

Consultant: Jamie Groves
April 2024
Solar power installation in Umina Beach by Solahart Central Coast
Efficient, pleasant, no problems.


FROM Umina Beach

Consultant: Jamie Groves
April 2024
Solar power installation in Ettalong Beach by Solahart Central Coast
All went smoothly, from quote to job done. Installation team led by sparky Blake were impressive. They were punctual and professional, going straight to work replacing old worn panels with shiny new ones. Ladders got a work out on my two storey house. The team worked efficiently and non-stop to finish the installation by early afternoon. All the old parts were swiftly removed by another team. Blake helped install the SEMS app so usage can be easily monitored. Total time from first phone call to Solahart to completion was just two weeks. I am extremely pleased I chose Solahart.


FROM Ettalong Beach

Consultant: Jamie Groves
April 2024
Solar power installation in Brightwaters by Solahart Central Coast
The process from consultation to installation was seamless and well communicated. Great job by the team…


FROM Brightwaters

Consultant: Jamie Groves
April 2024
Solar power installation in Gwandalan by Solahart Central Coast
Thank you again for a great job your installer or sparky Peter Messenger did all he could to achieve a good job and there was a connection problem with Goodwe and Peter was straight our and sorted the problem out with Goodwe I couldn’t be happier with your service cheers Greg Hill


FROM Gwandalan

Consultant: Jamie Groves
April 2024
Solar power installation in Tuggerawong by Solahart Central Coast


FROM Tuggerawong

Consultant: Jamie Groves
April 2024
Solar power installation in Caves Beach by Solahart Central Coast
It was great dealing with a Solahart. From start to finish with Sam quoting and explaining everything to us, the staff were lovely, the installers doing a great job , fantastic communication throughout , we would recommend Solahart . What a fantastic team !


FROM Caves Beach

Consultant: Jamie Groves
March 2024
Solar power installation in Lake Haven by Solahart Central Coast
Great company to deal with from the sales rep to the installers and very reasonable in price, we would recommend them to anyone.


FROM Lake Haven

Consultant: Jamie Groves
March 2024
Solar power installation in Bateau Bay by Solahart Central Coast
Guys doing install were very helpful and timely and product has already met expectations.


FROM Bateau Bay

Consultant: Jamie Groves
March 2024
Solar power installation in Pelican by Solahart Central Coast
Thank you everyone for all your help and assistance. From our initial phone call to enquire about a quote and the benefits of having solar panels to the installation, the whole process was straightforward and very easy. Your sales consultant was very knowledgeable and helped us through all our questions and necessary information, making it easy for us to decide to go ahead. We are glad we did, and happy with the wattage we are now generating. We ended up not needing any other quotes to do our job. We were happy with the price and product and ready to go ahead with Solahart Central Coast. Thank you also to your installation team, who arrived at the scheduled time and carried out the install in an efficient manner. Your technician was also very helpful in showing us how to install the app on our mobiles so that we could monitor our usage and generated electricity easily. We would highly recommend Solahart Central Coast to anyone looking at installing a solar system. J & A Dobb


FROM Pelican

Consultant: Jamie Groves
March 2024

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